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History Since 1992

Established in 1992 as F&G Holer, distributing diamond tools. In 1995 the investment into Service Center machinery allowed for local manufacturing. First Dr Fritsch automatic induction welding machines installed in 2005. In 2014 the first Dr Fritsch automatic Laser welding machine was acquired and the first ever laser welded diamond core drill bit was manufactured in New Zealand.

High Quality

The Holer Diamond Tools brand is renowned for High Quality. This is the company’s primary focus when delivering goods and services to customers while remaining market price competitive.

Quality from start to finish. Controlled & documented processes and procedures for every transaction and manufactured stock item.

Distribution Channels

Holer Diamond Tools delivers goods and services through the following channels:

1. Direct Sales to Pro End- users.
2. Appointed Distributors and Agents.
3. Webstore and B2B access for clients and Public.
4. OEM & private label of diamond tools custom and specialized designs.

Supply Chain Management

Live data and input from the sales team, clients, suppliers and logistic partners is used to ensure stock is available when customer want it, need it.

Of all daily orders placed over 90% are dispatched to customer the same day. Three warehouses throughout New Zealand ensure for adequate stock on hand and provide strategic contingency locations.

State of the Art

Holer Diamond Tools focuses heavily on in-house efficiency including the tools and services provided to our people in administration, production and sales. This includes full integration of SAP software, Dr Fritsch automatic welding machines and a real time data system for our mobile sales team. Hence any goods and services provided are not just high quality but are made from an efficient and cost effective process.

Service & Repair

Equipment sold is backed up with available spare parts, in –house service & repair facilities and trained technicians that know what it takes to get our customers equipment up and running again. Loan machines are also available to bridge any time delay if any.

Diamond Tool repair and service includes saw blade tension, re-tipping and body balancing.

Custom Design

In-house design and manufacture of virtually any Diamond Tool and associated machinery.

Visit our Holer Diamond Tools Facebook site for examples

Application Engineering

Require training for your staff or assistance with a large project? An experienced Application Engineer can be provided.

Our team is experienced in wall & wire sawing core drilling hand sawing and concrete grinding.

Visit our Holer Diamond Tools Facebook site for examples
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