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Custom made Diamond Tools

Got an unusual request? Need a 50mm wide diamond floor saw blade or a 3 meter long diamond core drill bit? Holer Diamond Tools can design and manufacture your request locally and promptly.

For the latest info on our custom made Diamond Tools or special projects visit the Holer Diamond Tools Facebook page.

Know how and Expertise

How do I set up a wire saw? Which size vacuum cleaner do I need for concrete grinding? Holer Diamond Tools can help! Browse our YouTube channel for more info or visit our Facebook site.

View some samples of our Application Engineering and Customer Training here.

How to Polish Concrete & do a Superfloor?

Want to know how to polish a concrete floor or make a HTC Superfloor? Check out the video link below.

Not sure which Metal bonds or Resin bonds to use? Simply download the HTC Superfloor Pocket guide from our Media section, or call Holer Diamond Tools on 0800-224-653.

How to clean my Polished Concrete Floor?

Twister Diamond Floor Cleaning pads are the revolutionary floor cleaning product from HTC. All you need is water, no chemicals or expensive methods to maintain or restore most hard surface floors such as Polished Concrete, Vinyl, Linoleum, Terrazzo and Marble. Download the cleaning and restoration information from our Media folder or watch the videos.

What size Generator do I need?

What generator is required to operate a Hydrostress power pack or wall saw?

What generator is required to operate a HTC planetary grinder and dry vacuum?

Not sure how to work out the kVA requirements? Download our calculation sheet from here.

New Zealand's largest stock of diamond tools

With over 5,000 stock items and large stock holding in each of the three domestic warehouses, Holer Diamond Tools prides itself in shipping over 90% of all daily orders throughout New Zealand for overnight deliveries.
Export orders are usually shipped within 2 days.

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