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General Information

Product Brochure
  Holer hire & contractor cutting solutions 
   Holer dust & slurry solutions 
    Holer floor grinding solutions

  Concrete Treatment Solutions (Booklet includes all Holer Chemicals | PDF | 3.8MB)
   SuperFill Colour Options (PDF | 0.6MB)
    Holer Quad Clean manual  (PDF | 1.6MB)
 Ultimate Dust Shroud Assembly 
  5" / 125mm (PDF | 0.7MB)
   7" / 180mm (PDF | 0.7MB)
  Dust Control
   Holer DustCUT (PDF | 1.8MB)
  Weka High Frequency Range
   Drills (PDF | 6.3MB)
   Saws (PDF | 2.6MB)
 Guide on diamond segment selection for grinding concrete.   
   Fast Fix Shoes (PDF | 0.4MB)
 Grinding Guide on how to sand wooden floor with the HTC420 planetary grinder  
  HTC EZ Wood (PDF | 0.6MB)
 Polishing Pucks  
   Renovo - The best way to restore (Booklet | PDF | 2.6MB)
 TWISTER Brochures  
   TWISTER Standard (PDF | 2.0MB)
   TWISTER Retail (PDF | 2.1MB)
 TWISTER User Guides  
   TWISTER Daily Cleaning of Coated Floors - Retail Pictorial (PDF | 2.6MB)
   TWISTER Daily Cleaning of Polished Concrete - Retail - Guide (PDF | 2.6MB)
   TWISTER Daily Cleaning of Retail Floors - Retail - Guide (PDF | 2.6MB)
   TWISTER Daily Cleaning - Standard - Guide (PDF | 2.7MB)
   TWISTER Daily Cleaning - Standard - Pictorial (PDF | 2.6MB)
   TWISTER DCS Hybrid Renovation of Terrazzo and Stone - Standard - Guide (PDF | 2.6MB)
   TWISTER Deep Cleaning of UnCoated Floors - Retail - Guide (PDF | 2.7MB)
   TWISTER Intensive Upgrade of Vinyl Floors - Standard - Guide (PDF | 2.6MB)
   TWISTER Intensive Upgrade - Standard - Guide (PDF | 2.6MB)
   TWISTER Strip and Seal Linoleum Floors - Standard - Guide (PDF | 2.7MB)
 Which diamonds to use for various Superfloor types 
   HTC Pocket Guide (PDF | 0.5MB)

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