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Cup Wheel | Double Row | 100mm | Grey #40 | DRWM***

Code: DGC0100-DRWM16
Barcode: 9420050710192
All WM Series cup grinders of the Holer diamond cup grinder range are Premium*** quality. Distinct features include the diamond segment shape in WM form. The unique form is patented and is designed to reduce contact footprint, while containing a high amount of diamond concentration per area, which provides high performance and stock removal. The unique shape also provides better air flow and dust clearing, which minimizes segment glazing when striking ultra hard materials. Every Holer diamond cup grinder body is balanced and features the patented ACT ports (Active Cooling Technology) which is made of 3 large kidney shape openings for ultimate air and dust extraction. The Double row diamond configuration is ideal for general stock removal, high spot grinding of concrete and building material, providing fast grinding speed while maintaining good lifetime. The finish is relative smooth, with some swirl marks remaining.


Add InfoConcrete | Universal
SuitableAngle grinders
ApplicationWet & Dry
Standard Bore22.2/16
L x W x H0.000000 x 0.000000 x 0.000000mm


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