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Table Saw Blade | 350x3.2x9 | F80 BSF*** (Super Silent)# - DTS0350-F080-C2GW

Table Saw Blade | 350x3.2x9 | F80 BSF*** (Super Silent)#

Code: DTS0350-F080-C2GW
Barcode: 9420050724380
Refractory Guide: Magnesia – Graphite (Ancarbon): Approx 96% MgO with synthetic resin and Graphite. Porosity <5%vol, breaking strength approx. 40 N/mm². Must be cut DRY! Aluminia Stone (Resistal, Urex): 60-80% Al2O3, 10-35% SiO2, chemical bonded, Porosity 15-20%vol, breaking strength approx. 70-90 N/mm². Fire Clay Brick (Maxial): Approx 60% SiO2, Al2O3, chemical bonded, fire proof clay, Porosity 15%vol, breaking strength approx. 50 N/mm². Fire Clay Brick Light (Legral): 53% SiO2, 41% AlO3, porous Light fire clay brick, high porosity, breaking strength approx. 8 N/mm². Magnesia – Spinell Brick (Ankral): 75-85 MgO, porosity approx. 15%vol, breaking strength approx. 65-70 N/mm². Must be cut DRY! Dolomite Stone (Pentabrick): 59% CaO, 39% MgO, porosity approx. 6%vol, breaking strength approx. 30-120 N/mm². Must be cut DRY!


Add InfoHard Clay Bricks | Austral | Refractory bricks
SuitableBrick / Paver / Tile saws
ApplicationWet & Dry
Standard Bore25.4 + pin
L x W x H375.000000 x 375.000000 x 20.000000mm


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