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Hand saw 450x3.2x12 (WT20) HSE-HM** (elec & hydr)

Code: DHS0450-WT20-C1W
Barcode: 9420050714503
WT20: The Premium*** blade for hydraulic hand sawing. Designed for quick cutting in reinforced concrete including tilt panels but also concrete block and general building material. The WT20 performs well on belt drive and direct drive hydraulic hand saws. Best performance is generally achieved when the hydraulic power pack output is set at 30-35 l/min (determines the blade RPM) and at 150-170bar (pressure/torque). When operating hydraulic hand saw machines, it is crucial to keep the blade RPM up as hydraulic hand saw machines do not have the same torque performance as 2-stroke hand saws. Pre-cut to depth 25-35mm, followed by subsequent cuts 75-125mm in depth. Always let the blade do the cutting and always keep the diamond segment in contact with concrete and avoid riding only on steel.


Add InfoHard Aggregate / Heavy Reinforcing
SuitableHydraulic hand saws
ApplicationWet Only
Standard Bore25.4 + pin
Blade StickerYellow
L x W x H410.000000 x 410.000000 x 150.000000mm


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