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HTC Fenix II 4 Brown #80 11" - DPV0270-212450-4

HTC Fenix II 4 Brown #80 11"

Code: DPV0270-212450-4
Barcode: 9420050718075
FENIX series is perfect for grinding and polishing of cementitious toppings (overlays or screed) and concrete. Thanks to its flexible pads it is also a good problem solver in case of minor low spots when grinding and polishing concrete. The FENIX grinding pads can also be used in the HTC Superfloor™ process. The pads are easy to attach on Velcro holders under the HTC’s machines. The tool series uses a clear color coding which simplifies the grinding process.


Add InfoScreed, Salt/Pepper, Concrete (soft & flexible)
SuitableFloor grinder machines
ApplicationDry Only
L x W x H280.000000 x 280.000000 x 30.000000mm


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