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WEKA drill motor | DK32 | 230V | 15A | 3200W - MDM-WEK-DK32

WEKA drill motor | DK32 | 230V | 15A | 3200W

Code: MDM-WEK-DK32
Barcode: 9420050725592
The WEKA DK 32 combines the successful features of the original DK 22 with additional increase of output power to 2300W (nominal power 3200W), as well as increased operator comfort, working safety and quality suitable for a continual and professional operation. The excellent efficiency from motor and gear box guarantees an unusual working capacity. Features: 3-speed gear box that provides the speed range for a wide selection of core drilling diameters, Oil-bath clutch & gears, Oil pump for optimal gear lubrication when drilling in any position to ensure for gear box durability and reduced maintenance. Overload clutch - This novel multiple disk clutch protects operator, machine and core bit against high mechanical overload. The larger friction surfaces guarantees a near constant release torque even after many hundreds of release cycles of the clutch, hence also reducing the required service intervals. Intellitronic - the new electronic system soft starts the motor by means of a microcontroller and thus avoids a too high start current. When exceeding the overcurrent threshold and thereby overloading the machine, the electronic will indicate this to the operator by creating a pulsation of the motor. If the operator now reduces the feed pressure, the motor will return to its normal performance again. If the operator does not decrease the feed pressure, the electronic will switches off the motor as a precaution. The machine can be switched back on again immediately and it is not required to wait a period of time before starting the motor again like on machines fitted with a thermal motor overload protection switch . Moreover the Intellitronic registers the motor temperature and will decreases the overload threshold when exceeding the ideal temperature. Thus the Intellitronic increases safety, operator comfort and the motors life time. Start current limiter - Two-stage start of the motor takes care for a reliable operation even with quick-action main fuses (for 230 V version only). DC-coated drill spindle with protective sleeves - Sleeves on the spindle made from stainless steel in addition with a high quality surface treatment ensure for a maximum protection against rust and abrasion of the running surface under the rotary shaft seals. Antifriction-Element - This smart ring fixed on the drill spindle is able to reduce the release torque for loosening the drill bit considerably.


Add InfoSpeed: 230/480/720rpm | Core bit range: 55mm-350mm
ApplicationWet Only
L x W x H550.000000 x 230.000000 x 250.000000mm

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