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Super Sucker Slurry Collector Ø150mm - MDX-SLU-0030

Super Sucker Slurry Collector Ø150mm

Code: MDX-SLU-0030
Barcode: 9420056609803
The Dust Bandit can be used for capturing dust and slurry when drilling into concrete or solid materials. Fast and easy to use, the BitBuddie is self-holding in place by means vacuum suction. No clamps or braces are required. Simply turn on your wet or dry vacuum unit and place the BitBuddie where you want it, and you're ready to drill. Choose from 3 sizes: 35mm, 100mm and 200mm. The 35mm BitBuddie is ideal for drilling holes in Granite bench tops or tiles. The 100mm BitBuddie can be used with diamond core bits up to 100mm in diameter, but you can also cut a slot in it and use it with a drywall saw to cut wallboard. Drywall contractors like using the 100mm BitBuddie for cutting holes in ceilings for can lights and other fixtures. The 200mm BitBuddie is for diamond core bits up to 200mm in diameter. Contractors like this economical, compact and simple way to capture dust or slurry when using a core drill. BitBuddie 200 Outlet Port: ID 32mm / OD 38mm. Suits: Makita 447L, Nilfisk 50-21XC & 560-21XC, Ermator W350, Wirbel 980, Ghibli AS59 & WS3.


Add InfoVac Port: ID34mm | OD40mm
ApplicationWet & Dry
L x W x H0.000000 x 0.000000 x 0.000000mm


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