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Weka High Freq Ring Saw TR40 (3.7kW@230V / 6.5kW@400V) - MHH-WEK-TR40

Weka High Freq Ring Saw TR40 (3.7kW@230V / 6.5kW@400V)

Code: MHH-WEK-TR40
Barcode: 9420050795373
Requires Weka High-Freq Converter FU6U 230/400V(MHHX-WEK-FU6U) Very powerful, water-cooled high frequency motor, can be operated with 230V and 400V High performance – compact design Big cutting depth up to 300mm Adjustable handle Gear with oil bath lubrication Splash water proof according IP 55 Ergonomic design of the handle High frequency drive: Nominal power at 230 Volt is maximum 3700W and at 400 Volt 3 AC max 6500W. Water-cooled motor with the cooling principle patented by WEKA. The cooling circuit is hereby completely separated from the electrical part of the motor. If seals would fail, the cooling water does not enter the inner of the motor, but only leaks to the outside. Motor control: Controlled by a very efficient converter, the FU 6, which is located in a small and stable aluminum box. It supplies the required energy, controls current input and speed. The integrated (Powerfactor Correction) ensures that a none-current is not drawn from the mains, but only energy that is converted into mechanical power. Converter recognizes if connected to 230V or 400V and adapts current and power accordingly. Motor current is controlled according to the requirements and limited to the maximum, thus machine cannot be overloaded. The temperature of motor is checked constantly. If loaded too high or cooled too little, power electronic switches off before anything can happen. Handling and operation: Via converter connected to the 400V mains. For use at 230V mains, adapter cable is used. Integrated safety switch prevents an unintended start of the motor as far as possible.


Add InfoBlade Ø / cut depth: 400mm/300mm
ApplicationWet & Dry
L x W x H0.000000 x 0.000000 x 0.000000mm


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