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Trolley Complete for Makita 2-stroke DT2010 - MHHX-DOL-TRO-010

Trolley Complete for Makita 2-stroke DT2010

Code: MHHX-DOL-TRO-010
Barcode: 9420050730121
This trolley will accommodate both Makita and Dolmar (and Wacker) power cutters from 12", 14" and 16" types Thanks to the patented "Quick-Lock" mounting system, Makita Power Cutters (not included) can be mounted on the trolley in a matter of seconds without the use of tools Wheel axle may be displaced to left or right of travel direction, enabling close trimming at edges and obstacles Trolley is equipped with an adjustable depth limiter for precise cuts to a desired depth An angled fuel filler cap is supplied for ease of refuelling 15 litre gravity feed water tank with water connection is supplied with the unit


Add Infocomplete w 15l tank, depth wheel, angle fuel filler
L x W x H0.000000 x 0.000000 x 0.000000mm


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