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Hycon SawEZ Wallsaw Guide Rail System for hand Saw (remote trigger) - MHHX-HYC-4040100

Hycon SawEZ Wallsaw Guide Rail System for hand Saw (remote trigger)

Code: MHHX-HYC-4040100
Barcode: 9420056610052
The SawEZ guide rail is a unique system developed to enable contractors and semi-professionals to do mounted wall sawing like a professional without heavy and large wallsaws, and at the cost of one tenth of known wall sawing system. The versatile rail system is compatible with our handheld HCS16”, HCS18” and our HRS400 ring saw. A typical use could be to make a 187 mm pre-cut with the 18” saw, then complete the cut with HRS400 ring saw that gives a cutting depth of 300 mm. Fast setup, light weight, low cost and still high performance. PRODUCT FEATURES THE HYCON PRODUCT RANGE CUT-OFF AND RING SAWS · CORE DRILLS · POST DRIVERS · PICK HAMMER · LIGHT & HEAVY DUTY BREAKERS SUBMERSIBLE PUMPS · ROCK DRILLS · UNDERWATER EQUIPMENT · GASOLINE, DIESEL AND ELECTRIC POWER PACKS DISTRIBUTOR: The system offers a unique adaptor system that can quickly swop between the saws making it extremely versatile. Another benefit of using the SawEZ guide rail is the ability to use the well-known power of hydraulics constant at 100% without the operator getting tired – Simple as that! The system can be extended to be as long as you wish, as we offer sections of 1-meter rails that easily connect to your HYCON SawEZ guide rail.


Add InfoRail Length 2m / cutting length 1.7m / 180 cutting depth with HCS 18"
L x W x H0.000000 x 0.000000 x 0.000000mm


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