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Holer Dust shroud | Grinder 175mm | Composite EDGE** | EU - MPTX-HOL-GDG180PM-01

Holer Dust shroud | Grinder 175mm | Composite EDGE** | EU

Code: MPTX-HOL-GDG180PM-01
Barcode: 9420050732231
The best dust shroud just got better and more affordable, the New Angle Grinder Dust Shroud 180mm Standard** made by Holer. Made of cast Composite, our custom made dust shroud has been carefully developed to satisfy the Pro Concrete Grinders with no compromises in design or materials used. No more skirt adjustments. This shroud fits every 7” Holer Cup Grinder ACT body type, no matter if the diamond cup is a PCD, MONSTA or standard series new or nearly worn out. The custom rubber diaphragm will automatically adjust flush to the concrete surface. (Please note old style Cosmo cups require the outer flange mounted underneath the cup to raise it high enough, only on initially fitting). Adjustable built in Air Vent to reduce vacuum pressure if suction of vacuum cleaner is too strong. 5mm replaceable Nylon wear strips have been fitted to prolong the lifetime of shroud. The unique flip top front allows edge grinding right up to the edge 99% dust free. The design of the non detachable mouth piece prevents it from getting lost, no tools are required. Collars supplied are for Makita & Hitachi and includes hub cup spacer. Other collars available on request to fit most popular angle grinders. Vacuum ports are designed to fit perfectly with Makita 447L and Ermator 13/26/36 Vacuums (ID 35 / OD 50). CE approved, complies 2006/42/EC.


Add InfoMulti-collars (MAK, HIT, DEW, BO-M14) | Port ID35/OD40/50
SuitableAngle grinders
ApplicationDry Only
L x W x H310.000000 x 250.000000 x 100.000000mm

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93296/==uEgB4CazysVRetggOnCiMQ==/ PDS.pdf
214.5KbpdfMarch 1, 2016
94245/==IjUM0b508mfr2xMgiI4ToA==/ Installation Guide.pdf
Installation Guide
758.4KbpdfAugust 15, 2018


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